Andaluces ¡levantaos! – One day in Andalusia Andaluces ¡levantaos! – One day in Andalusia Andaluces ¡levantaos! – One day in Andalusia Andaluces ¡levantaos! – One day in Andalusia

“Andaluces ¡levantaos!” is a multidisciplinary gathering that aims at promoting the cultural richness of Andalusia through music, gastronomy, and culture.

Poster Andaluces Levantaos Berlin


Andalusia, located in the south part of Iberian Peninsula, has witnessed the coexistence of diverse cultures and communities throughout history, each leaving its unique mark. In this event, we seek to reaffirm our identity through a program filled with activities that reflect this historical and cultural diversity. The program of the day follows:

۞ Talk ۞
Antonio Manuel: “ El Al-́Andalus que llevamos dentro ” (5 PM)
(Translated to German)

In this conference, Antonio Manuel, Andalusian writer and intellectual, will guide attendees in exploring the unnoticed memory embedded in the soul of Andalusia. He will unveil the origins of our vocabulary, music, gastronomy, and even our way of life, providing a deep and enlightening insight into the cultural richness that has endured from the golden era of Al-Andalus to the present day.


۞ Music acts & DJ-sets ۞ (From 7PM)
– Sergio de Graná (guitar) & Juan Cárdenas (vocals ) – Flamenco roots
– Music and Dance Jam session powered by Tanzboden THF
FATAT – Journey through Middle East music
– 1’illo & Uriwilbury – Andalusian Groove DJ Set
– La hija del techno – Tech Flamenco Fusion

– Colmiyo – Techno DJ set


۞ Exhibition ۞
Candela Pan:
Visual artist Candela Pan grew up in a seaside town in Almeria, Andalusia. She started making artworks about the sea when she was living in Berlin and felt an intense nostalgia for the Mediterranean Sea.
She will present an installation of big marine paintings entitled “Nostalgia tastes like the sea”, created specifically for this event, with which she wants to emphasize the importance of the sea in Andalusia.
۞ Food & more ۞
– Andalusian traditional food

– Stand of Andalugeeks – Community of developers of free-source applications related to the Andalusian language.

۞ The Cause ۞
The raised fonds will be donated to Flamenco Inclusivo José Galán association, a project that brings the quintessential Andalusian art to the most vulnerable communities.