Anna Morley – “Visceral” release Anna Morley – “Visceral” release Anna Morley – “Visceral” release Anna Morley – “Visceral” release

On Friday November 29th

Anna Morley will release her fifth album entitled “Visceral” in cooperation with BLO-Ateliers Lockkunst e.V.

The album will be be released worldwide on the same day via Hymen Records, Anna’s Bandcamp and digital platforms.



Anna Morley is an Australian vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. On her upcoming release “Visceral”, she’s offering a collection of warm, textural landscapes, navigating a labyrinth of melodic emotion and arriving in deep reflection. Blending acoustic instruments with electronically treated layering, an organic space is created for theme, variation and exploration. Whether waking up, surrendering to slumber, or watching life gently unfold, “Visceral” is an album to accompany the flow of all living things.

The music of “Visceral” will be presented live by a five-piece ensemble, accompanied by visuals and a dance performance. CD’s will be available, produced with plastic-free, recycled material and showcasing artwork by Irish fine artist, Marty Kelly. A special limited edition cover will also be available exclusively at the launch, hand crafted by German artist/designer Doris Behring.


Anna Morley – vibraphone, piano, keys, vocals, melodica
Petros Tzekos – percussion
Artem Zaytsev – electric & bass guitar, vocals
Xina Hawkins – viola, vocals
Shingo Masuda – qanun
Adéle Meta Morphosis – dance


Doors: 20:30 // Showtime: 21:00 // Tickets available at the door


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