Blues Bumps #7 Blues Bumps #7 Blues Bumps #7 Blues Bumps #7

Lockkunst e.V., East Side Delta, Unlimited Sonic Use & Exile On Mainstream present:
aka Exile On Mainstream Roadshow 2022

Confusion Master – HRO | Exile On Mainstream Records
Electric Sabbath Action Doom |
FFO: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Bongripper

Dubbing themselves as “Electric Sabbath action Doom deep down soaked in a time spiral measuring equal parts 70ies Sabbath proto rock riffage in a loop scheme backbeat groove formula and tritonous stoner weed” Confusion Master have been brought to life in Autumn 2015 right at the northern misty shores of Rostock/ Germany by the Baltic Sea.
With “Haunted”, recorded during the comprehensive winter desolation in 2020, incorporating various live set up sessions with acoustic light by Lutz Baumann and mastered by James Plotkin the baltic sea based quartet once again is bringing the salt. 41 minutes of raging insanity on your turntable for you to remember the dead cannot die while they are still hungry.
Let “Haunted” happen to you. Beauty and Terror. No feeling is final.

Gaffa Ghandi – DD/B | Exile on Mainstream Records
Progged out Heavy Stoner Metal |
FFO: Rotor, Elder, The Sword, Mastodon, Karma To Burn |

Gaffa Ghandi sind ein Phänomen weil sie in kein gängiges Schema passen.
Erst einmal bespielen sie das Stoner-Spielfeld und bedienen damit die erwartbaren Kanäle.
Doch bald wird klar, dass ihnen das nicht genügt. Also reichern sie das „stonerische Grundkonzept“ mit ordnungsgemäßer Psychedelic an.
Und weil sie frech, mutig und pfiffig sind, kommt eine saftige crimsoneske Pfeffermühle über das Ganze.
Die Mischung und vor allem die Ambitioniertheit macht verdammt Laune.

Might – H | Exile on Mainstream Records
Sludgy Noise Rock Filth |
FFO: Black Math Horseman, Chelsea Wolfe, Big Brave, Emma Ruth Rundle

While the world discusses topics such as ‘Flatten The Curve’, MIGHT create their own sine wave built from emotional interferences and amplification between music and personal experience,
resulting in an album full of ethereal intensity. The record comes across like a soundtrack for the emotional movie we all seem to be acting in:
depression, way outs, light and darkness, instrumental furor and acoustic reflection create a debate taking in arguments from several musical genres such as Black Metal, Doom and Sludge, PostRock and Shoegaze.

Sector 7g – B |
Visual Light Performance

Visual art team headquartered in Berlin. Inspired by the psychedelic art of the 1960s and 80s and 90s video art, which we re-interpret in relation to modern techniques and music.
“It is the art of combining colors, shapes and movement. Space and time. We use all-analogue techniques, so our live performances are unique and unrepeatable. Our projections interact and are influenced by the environment.”

Doors 20:00 | Gigs from 21:00 | Ticketinfo soon