BLUES BUMPS – ALiX | Laura Guidi | Sector 7G BLUES BUMPS – ALiX | Laura Guidi | Sector 7G BLUES BUMPS – ALiX | Laura Guidi
| Sector 7G
BLUES BUMPS – ALiX | Laura Guidi

Lockkunst e.V. und East Side Delta präsentieren eine neue Ausgabe der Konzertreihe BLUES BUMPS, The Late Night Underground Gigs!


Blues Bumps with ALIX, Laura Guidi and Sector 7G


Auf der Bühne:


ALIX [psych-garage, IT, Go Down Records]

The history of ALiX stretches across 4 decades: in 1997 the first and homonymous album was released, since then the band has stepped on hundreds of stages in Europe, touring with bands such as Pawnshop, Dozer & The Hidden Hand. AliX are among the top italian bands when it goes to Psychedelic-Garage-Groove-Rock. In 2022 they released their 6th LP “Last Dreamer” on Go Down Records and they’re ready to present it in Berlin.


LAURA GUIDI [art-rock, Berlin]

Singer/Songwriter from Italy and based in Berlin for ages, countless gigs in every corner of Berlin shaped her style with crude guitar and multifaceted deep vocals. Her pungent lyrics dig into the contradictions of our society and daily life. Laura will jump on stage with her band, laughter and hips-shaking are expected.


SECTOR 7G [visual art performance, Berlin]

How can we get Blues Bumps without them? Visual collective which is a regular at our show, their performances are a unique mix of analog and digital art & technology, truly connecting minds and music.


Doors 21:00 | Start 22:00 | tickets 8-12€

Artwork by Paolo Massagli