Claire Disasters Ep. 4 „Candy Fiction“

It is with great pleasure that Claire is inviting you to her Silvester Party.
It will take place at Blo Ateliers from 22:00 pm.
Super artists and lovely people will be there.
Leave at home your fireworks. Bring your colored butterflies.

Notes about Claire

It’s an old costume, the way how many cultures experienced celebration as a strong medium to exorcise pain, to fill their spirits, to partecipate and connect with their community. 
C. D. borns in Berlin, some months ago. Is a polyedric project that starts with the intent to connect people through the realization of different events.
It’s an emotional answer to Berlin. Is action. Is energy. Is research. Is patience. Is empathy. Is dynamism. Is expression. Is ingenuity. Is a deal. Is contradiction. Is connection. Is exchange. Is give. Is accept. Is fun. Is drama. Is limited. Is borders. Is together. Is responsibility. Is reality. Is potential. Is love. *** Now, run!