Claire Disasters Ep. 5 “Veve°Juju” Claire Disasters Ep. 5 “Veve°Juju” Claire Disasters Ep. 5 “Veve°Juju” Claire Disasters Ep. 5 “Veve°Juju”

voodoo • techno • tribal • disaster

Claire was so excited and emotional that started to put spell-posts and cyber-chickens everywhere!!!

Claire loves voodoo dolls and acid repetitions
-voodoo dolls and acid repetitions-
All her voodoo dolls are dancing under acid repetitions
-and melt with acid, repetitions-
All the dolls are breathing.
– … –
And acid repetitions.
-Dancing acid . Breathing. Dancing repetition. –

Meanwhile here some music and gossip about our artists.
We couldn’t decide beetween vinyls-computer-vinyls-computer-vinyls???computer??? – So….
…we directly called a couple of drummers, a lot of friends and great musicians-djs and decided to go over it!

If you are good Claire allow also a soloukuleledjset

#Puto Production -bioRavers-

Live Drums Percussions Duo – Tribal Techno Roots

About them:
“We play a mixture of tribal and traditional Beats combined with modern Electro style drumming.
To get the crowd moving and the people travelling with our art is the ultimate goal for us.
We play to get connected and we do it with love and plesaure.”


“In all countries we can find musicians with their own individual style, I love to mix and combine these timeless tunes.”


“To dance artlessly, without
particular grace or skill but usually
with enjoyment.”

#Freddie Merkur


One Puto in incognito° Shhhhhhh!

5′ V E V E • J U J U -beware of ?

#voodooclaire #technofun #iaiaiaia
extra-serious chillout—< #postmodernismopentalkwithinspektor