KIN*K Beamerübernahme mit Kunst presents FEHRAS PUBLISHING PRACTICES

Thursday 28th June * 21.00


We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the video works of FEHRAS PUBLISHING PRACTICES.

ON SCREEN: “Soapy Postmodern Bathwater”
2017 / 16:9, 24 min.
Arabic with English Subtitles

The film takes us to the not-so-distant future, to a language laboratory where researchers analyze human bodies – people who have fallen into a coma while reading bilingual art books. Attempting to track the phenomenon, researchers resort to a range of analytical procedures, with the presumption that the language of the books the afflicted bilingual bodies are reading causes the coma. Through an analytical laboratory process, the film studies the effect of bilingualism on cultural bodies, it traces the authority imposed by language – the construction of terms and institutions – on the cultural body and in turn the effect of language on artistic practice and art work.

Fehras Publishing Practices
(Kenan Darwich, Omar Nicolas, Sami Rustom) is an artist collective established in Berlin in 2015. It was founded as a response to mounting questions concerning the history and presence of art and publishing in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, and the diaspora. Fehras researches issues of publishing through observing and experimenting with its forms, in an attempt to create a new, more extensive culture of critical engagement. Their work was exhibited at the Sharjah Biennale 13, SALT in Istanbul, Villa Romana in Florence, Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, HKW, savvy contemporary in Berlin.


KIN*K – Beamerübernahme mit Kunst is a project by Irina Novarese and Marco Pezzotta in cooperation with B.L.O.-Ateliers and funded by District Cultural Fund Lichtenberg.

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