KIN*K#8 mit Douglas Boatwright KIN*K#8 mit Douglas Boatwright KIN*K#8 mit Douglas Boatwright KIN*K#8 mit Douglas Boatwright

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wir möchten Euch herzlich einladen und freuen uns sehr die Arbeit von Douglas Boatwright zu präsentieren



How High_ Cannibal Sit-in (2003-2018)

A revisiting of a previously unscreened video.

Donnerstag 4. Oktober 2018 – 20.30 Uhr


Credit Photo: Douglas Boatwright

Douglas Boatwright (*1977, Nuremberg, lives in Berlin) works across various media and formats as an artist, editor, and translator. In search of an immediately shifting ground at the first sign of feeling settled, Boat- wright views his works as placeholders and constellation points that aim to prompt one to consider the way that meaning, value and power are created, maintained and reinforced.

He picks apart the way these values are distributed by the institutions that fuel culture (including ‘soft’ institutions: e.g. language, contemporary image culture, cultural values) often with an eye to the colonial fantasies behind the signifying and representing of identities/bodies.

Seemingly opposing entities are simultaneously floated and asserted: a firm position is evaded with overclarification; a bridge demolishes itself; the menacing stain of charcoal dissipates and purifies; a smile becomes a scream becomes a grimace becomes a snarl; inaccurate translations hold weight nonetheless.

A parallel track grapples with the forms and demands of the cultural worker’s labor, taking on strategies of appropriation, parasitism, obstruction and refusal in order to destabilize the notion of the artist as court jester, soothsayer, group therapist and economic speculator.

A graduate of The New School, Cooper Union, and Columbia Univer- sity, his work has been exhibited at Art in General, Artists Space, Harris Lieberman Gallery, Sculpture Center, and Silberkuppe, amongst others.


KIN*K – Beamerübernahme mit Kunst – ist ein Projekt von Irina Novarese und Marco Pezzotta, gefördert durch Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg.

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