LIVE: Kungens Man + Day Clinic LIVE: Kungens Man + Day Clinic LIVE: Kungens Man + Day Clinic LIVE: Kungens Man + Day Clinic

East Side Delta & Lockkunst e.V. proudly present the Berliner stop of Swedish Psych-Krautrockers in Kungens Män, celebrating the release of the new LP “För samtida djur”.





KUNGENS MÄN [ Stockholm, Majestic Mountain Records ]

Psychedelic-Krautrock at its best, reaching the horizons of experimentation, the band moves hurry-less and confident on its graceful cosmic path.

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DAY CLINIC [ Berlin ]

Mixing cold Post-Punk with Psychedelic Rock experimentation, searching for mental stability in a world gone insane.

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Doors 20:30 | Gigs 21:00 | Afterparty w/ DJ Moon [ Psych, Kraut, Garage & more ]

Presale | Price at the door: 12-15€






Kungens Män started out in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, when a bunch of good friends decided to bring some instruments when hanging out. The random jam sessions became more and more regular and soon Kungens Män started recording it all, completely unfiltered and without safety nets. Their music soon found its way to the internet and a buzz occurred, connecting with listeners all over the globe.

The inspiration comes from the drone, the rattle of the loose screw, the circuit failure of the effects, the phatness of the moog and from the very diverse wiring of a bunch of middle aged Swedish freaks. Kungens Män never plans the next musical move – it presents itself. Sometimes the costume sewn is really ugly, but somehow there’s always room for the sublime as you turn it inside out.

After more than a decade in constant motion, Kungens Män are now ready to unleash one of their most ambitious project this far. In February 2024, the first part of “För samtida djur” (in English: For contemporary animals) will be released. It consists of eight songs with Kungens Män in their most condensed form, at the same time with a great degree of variation and some soundscapes previously unheard in the improvised world of the adventurous Swedes. The second part which comes out in May 2024 is a more classic Kungens Män collection, with long, sprawling songs that are invitations to inner and outer space. The music has been recorded over the last two years in between tours of Europe and the UK.

These twin albums also mark the band’s first cooperation with a Swedish label, Majestic Mountain Records. A label built on love for the music and a supplier of high quality vinyl with an emphasis on psych, doom and stoner, the label has asked about the possibility of releasing Kungens Män for several years. And now the time is right!