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The community of Ukrainian crew Monday Kitchen is gathering in our Kantine on Dec 22nd!

Monday Kitchen BLO-Ateliers


Come and party according to the best traditions: Ukrainian food, drinks and experimental live music to boil the night!

– Doors 20:00

Food served: 20:00 – 23:00

– End 5:00



Dmytro Filatov x Pavlo Treba [live]
Opening the evening with combo of jazz trumpet melodies of Pavlo and powerful groovy electronic beats by Dmytro moving from slow paced ambient to energetic IDM.

Kindracoma [live]
Tasty minimalistic glitch from Dnipro, Ukraine. Live act of Kindracoma is a transformation from minimalistic, ascetic structures into reach, danceable soundscape of polyrhythms, chops, glitches. Come and experience joy and playfulness of modern experimental electronics.

Troxellemott x r.roo [live]
Sophisticated and melodically complex IDM, ambient, glitch. The duo from Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine will present a mindful and deep musical dialogue with unobvious, charming and enveloping grooves and melodies.

Potreba [live]
Potreba is an electronic music project that has played a big part in Kyiv and Odesa rave scene during the 2010s and is associated with formations like CXEMA, system, ODS and others. His performance is a beautiful compisition of etudes, new-jazz melodies and club bangers, complex and unobvious grooves.

Fat Frumos [live]
Fat Frumos will shake us with eclectic and skilful combination of breakcore, hardcore, footwork, acid in combo with remixes of Ukrainian retro-hits. A prominent representer of Ukrainian breakcore from Odesa, Fat Frumos develops experimental rave scene by doing events in Ukraine, Europe and UK for more than 15 years. Also, he is host of the label and community dedicated to experimental dance music Suck Puck Records.

Paat. [live]
Musician, producer and DJ Paat. – one of the faces of the Ukrainian electronic scene, which personifies its diversity. As a resident of the Polygon UA ​​label and a co-founder of the Kyiv promo group SVYST and Berlin’s NOWA_UA. Part. is known for turning a dance floor into raw and energetic grinder with punchy bass tracks. For Monday Kitchen we are happy to announce his rare live performance with powerful guitar riffs and drilling solos. BOOM!

Palamar b2b Costa [DJ set]
Energetic closing full of breaks and glitches. Vlad Palamar, a Ukrainian DJ currently based in Berlin, that melds elements of raw, dark electro with experimental breakbeats and deconstructed IDM to craft a distinct selection that blends eerie dungeon sounds of experimental music scene. costa is a young artist from ukraine inspired by its local street underground culture. she get you involved into aggressive experimental sound and brings the mix of breakbeat, jungle, dub and electro.

Line-up curated by @burre.crew

Live visuals by Diana Romanenko