LIVE: Dalila Kayros // Tonàl // Lacinskij // Phallucipher LIVE: Dalila Kayros // Tonàl // Lacinskij // Phallucipher LIVE: Dalila Kayros // Tonàl // Lacinskij
// Phallucipher
LIVE: Dalila Kayros // Tonàl // Lacinskij

Lockkunst e.V. , Pink Noise and East Side Delta proudly present a special night through Electronic, Avantgarde, Ambient & Industrial Sounds.



On Stage:


PHALLUCIPHER [ambient / rythmic noise, Berlin]

Two artists who emerged from a background of mixed media arts. Their extensive experience with experimentation has led them to produce evocative ambient music, filled with cinematic noise narratives, immersive drone compositions, distant beats, and analog electronic textures, all contributing to creating intricate soundscapes that transport listeners in a dense auditory experience.



DALILA KAYROS [conceptual / industrial, Cagliari, IT]

Hypnotic avant-garde electronic music featuring energetic distorted rhythms. Kayros’s haunting melodies and ritualistic vocals lead to a visceral experience, weaving together raw, earthly tones with ethereal, otherworldly sounds. In her music, the conventional song structure merges with experimental soundscapes. Kayros collaborates steadily with electronic musician Danilo Casti; their music transcends the constraints of genres, constantly pushing boundaries into unexplored musical terrains.



LACINSKIJ [ edm / electronic, Catania, IT]

Project by Italian musician Giuseppe Schillaci: bass player, sound engineer, composer, sound designer, producer and head of Doremillaro [sb] Recs. He played and toured abroad between Europe and U.s.a. with his main band Diane And The Shell. Over the years he has worked, played and collaborated in various forms with many musicians (Veivecura, Mapuche, Alì, Colapesce, Cesare Basile, Uzeda). His first solo release, “Sound[e]scaping vol. I“, an album influenced by contemporary electronic music and 16 bit era video games music was released on Doremillaro [sb] Recs in 2022.



TONÀL [ambient / electro-acoustic, Berlin]

Berlin based duo spawned by Marta Garcia Gomez (harp) and Andrea Soggiu (electronic and programming). TONÀL is the musical journey of two enthusiasts departing from diverse places, traveling through multifaceted landscapes until their paths cross, ending up in harmonic symbiosis.



Doors 20:30 | Start: 21:00 | Afterparty w/ LCAO