Pink Noise Fest! Pink Noise Fest! Pink Noise Fest! Pink Noise Fest!

Pink Noise, East Side Delta und Lockkunst e.V. präsentieren das Pink Noise Fest!


Pink Noise Fest BLO Ateliers


Auf der Bühne der 2. Ausgabe des Pink Noise Fest:


A Lazy Cat
Crystal clear and humble acoustic songs are the expression of a deep world. Gentle and simple guitar playing hides dirt and anger. A Lazy Cat whispers to scream and shout.

Acid Omas
Originated as a duo in 2018, the band began with diverse experiments, and emerged with an improvisation concept that delves into punk, prog, jazz, and psychedelic rock. They define themselves as “Impro psych cut-up,” a mixture of improvisational styles rolling into the accidental atmosphere in which they immerse themselves.

Post-punk dish served up with catchy melodies, driving and varied bass and sometimes NDW-bleached vocals that tell a story somewhere between an out-of-body experience and waiting in the registration office. Garnished with some synth sounds and sprinkled with a lot of punk energy.

Mid-fi new wave band based in Berlin featuring Michael (NL, guitar/bass), Leah (UK, bass/synth), Anto (ARG, drums) and Ignatz (ARG, guitar/sampler/spoken words). +150bpm, letras en castellano, 2min-songs, elektromagnesis! Since 2020, in progress tras la ruta de la piedra.

The legendary radio star John Egg and his partner in crime ElektroPitch will be spinning records after the concerts, and make your booties shake until you fall on your knees and pray them to stop.

Doors 20:30
Start 21:00