Press Release B.L.O.-Ateliers / Lockkunst e.V. 24.5.24 Press Release B.L.O.-Ateliers / Lockkunst e.V. 24.5.24 Press Release B.L.O.-Ateliers / Lockkunst e.V. 24.5.24 Press Release B.L.O.-Ateliers / Lockkunst e.V. 24.5.24

Drohnenfoto B.L.O. Ateliers von Mohammed Badarne

Photo by © Mohammed Badarne

Press Release B.L.O.-Ateliers / Lockkunst e.V. 24.5.24


Under great public interest, we followed yesterday’s plenary session in the Berlin House of Representatives. There are rarely topics, people, or places that all people, across all party lines, can agree on so obviously: The B.L.O. – an island of bliss? Senator Franziska Giffey was able to get a picture of this harmony during her visit to the site yesterday.

We also had a very constructive relationship with our landlord, Deutsche Bahn, for over 20 years, from which both sides benefited mutually. Problems were resolved quickly and directly.

Therefore, it was very pleasing for us that representatives of Deutsche Bahn and Lockkunst e.V. sat back at the table on May 16, 2024, to discuss the present report on the electrical network at the BLO site, which has led to a usage ban on about 90% of the buildings since April 26. DB InfraGO and Lockkunst e.V. will work together to quickly rectify the existing deficiencies. The common goal is to lift the usage ban as soon as possible so that users can return to their studios and workshops to work.

Another meeting is scheduled for June 18, where the continuation of the lease agreement for two years will also be discussed. There are apparently no concrete plans from DB for our site. However, we need to make further investments to preserve the site in the long term. We still need political support to mediate this conflict of interest between Lockkunst e.V. and DB InfraGO. The city of Berlin is offering Deutsche Bahn compensation areas at the nearby Rummelsburg power plant. Wouldn’t this be the optional space that would be much more suitable for DB? Otherwise, this place, on which all political parties agreed so emphatically yesterday, is at risk of falling victim to speculation.

Statement from the Board of Lockkunst e.V.:

Peter Tietz (Sculptor, BLO site): “The public pressure on Deutsche Bahn has fortunately led to the resumption of talks, and the next steps were agreed upon in a constructive atmosphere to restore operational safety as quickly as possible. However, our goal remains to achieve a long-term extension of the lease agreement beyond July 31, 2024. Only in this way can we make investments that will secure the BLO site for future cultural production.”

Alexander Dammeyer (Metal artist from st37 Berlin on the site): “Currently, there is no secured perspective for the BLO-Ateliers. To recognize and implement the opportunities and possibilities in the current problems, we need a round table with political representatives from the federal and state levels and the landlord DB. Only in this way can we reunite the interests in favor of securing the BLO site for the future.”


Contact with the Board of Lockkunst e.V.:

Peter Tietz: 0151 68437487
Philipp Preis: 0173 7396421

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