“Walk with the Artist” Book Launch “Walk with the Artist” Book Launch “Walk with the Artist” Book Launch

Book Launch 28.07.2017, 7pm

Project by Rebecca Agnes, Zara Audiello, Roberta Coletto and Stefania Migliorati

Walk with the artist is an urban intervention project that explores the concept of a walk as an aesthetic tool within the framework of public art. The idea behind these walks is to create a shared space of debate and research where the plurality of perspectives and subjectivities can find a common denominator of exchange and inspiration. Project by Associazione 22:37.


Rebecca Agnes, Sandra Božić, Iva Kontić, Irina Novarese, Stephanie Schairer, Dragan Strunjaš and Viola Thiele.


Stefania Migliorati

Read more (EN/DE) on mapping.berlinerpool.de


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