Veranstaltungen & Workshops im April 2019

SALON COLORS - A History of Art in three colors

Donnerstag, den 4. April um 19 Uhr
In A History of Art in three colors untersucht Dr. James Fox, wie die Farben Gold, Blau und Weiß in den Händen von Künstlern unsere Emotionen geweckt, unser Verhalten verändert und sogar den Lauf der Geschichte verändert haben.

Thursday, April 4th, 7pm
In A History of Art in three colors Dr. James Fox explores how, in the hands of artists, the colours gold, blue and white have stirred our emotions, changed the way we behave and even altered the course of history.

East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1

Thursday 11th April 2019, 9pm

East Side Delta radio-show is extremely proud to present:

BLUES BUMPS, a goddamn Blues experience!!
The first „volume“ of a series of gigs featuring Blues-contaminated artists.

On the stage:


SALON INTERVENTION - Diskussion über Kunstaktionen im öffentlichen Raum

Donnerstag, den 27. April von 16 bis 19 Uhr
SALON INTERVENTION bespricht verschiedene Beispiele von Künstlergruppen und künstlerischen Aktionen im öffentlichen Raum. Die Künstler*innen von HIER&JETZT: Connections laden die interessierte Öffentlichkeit ein am Diskurs teilzuhaben.

Thursday, April 27th, 16-19pm
SALON INTERVENTION presents different examples of artists groups and artistic interventions in public space. The artists of HIER&JETZT: Connections invite the interested public to take part in the discussion.

Oil painting for beginners Spring course 2019

Start Date: 27.04.2019

End Date: 18.05.2019

This 4 saturday classes course offers an active and energising introduction to oil painting. The course will breakdown many of the myths surrounding oil painting and enable students to become familiar with materials and painting techniques.

The course will provide you with an introduction into tone, composition, drawing, colour theory and mark making. Working alongside a practising artist with one on one tutorials and demos you will become familiar with materials and painting techniques.

Life drawing Spring course 2019

Start Date: 29.04.2019

End Date: 03.06.2019

Structured drawing course
 comprising of 6 classes. The classes will be led by Louise 
Thomas. Over the six weeks you will learn and develop new
 skills in drawing. The course will cover many areas of art 
practice and draughtsmanship including charcoal reduction,
 measuring, tonal values, composition and building narratives
 in your work.

At the end of the course you will have a
comprehensive selection of drawings to add to your portfolio
 with a broad range of studies and art works. The course will
 instill confidence in the student and cultivate each students unique style of working.