East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1 East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1 East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1 East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1

East Side Delta radio-show is extremely proud to present:

BLUES BUMPS, a goddamn Blues experience!!

A series of gigs featuring Blues-contaminated artists.
The first “volume” will take place in the fantastic venue of BLO-Ateliers,
Thursday 11th April 2019, 9pm



On Stage:

TRIXIE & THE TRAINWRECKS [BLN]: Ass-kicking loud duo with the Berlin based no-man-band Trixie Trainwreck (guitar, vocals, drums) and the Londoner harp player Charlie Hangdog. The two after some shows in London got in the studio with guitarist Paul Seacroft and drummer Bruce Brand to give birth to “3 Cheers To Nothing” (Voodoo Rhythm Records), aka a OVERDRIVEN-LONG-GONE-BROKEN-HEARTED-COUNTRY-BLUES-TRASH 13-tracks-piece, 99% live and analog recorded, it sums up the 18 years of Trixie in Berlin, Europe and US.

OLD DUST OF HOLLOW [BLN]: The Insane Loner, The Lost Soul, the loudest one-man-band in town. Country-blues moaning, slide-guitar, heavy-psych riffs, screaming-harp & feet-drum, that was the recipe of “Insane Loner” first album of the multi-shaded Bluesrock one-man-Band. Currently recording a new album, he will present on the BLO-Stage his new band-mate. How can it be loud with a full drum set?

BIGBON [Sardinia]: guitar, vocals and stompbox. The easiest, the rawest. In his last effort “I’m Not Dead Yet” (Talk About Records) he utilizes the common narrative key of Folksinging to deal with social justice issues related to the contemporary context of Sardinia, using the great American musical tradition as the expressive vehicle for his path in music.
Coming for the first time to Berlin and presenting a huge turn in his style.


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