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Atom Womb | Mellowdeath | Ultrabonus |

Pink Noise, East Side Delta and Lockkunst e.V. proudly present:


Atom Womb (Wien)

It started out as a duo project between Xavi Sosa (Fuzzkrank) and Lukas Marti (of like mind), which focus was to create a straightforward sound. After a year of playing shows and discovering new sources of inspiration, their sound started to shift, and it became inevitable to form a trio. With Michael Fischer (of like mind) on the bass, the band began to deepen its sound spectrum and create an intriguing interplay between brutal energy and playful harmony. Anja Pöttinger (Potato Beach) joins the tour by playing synths.


Mellowdeath (Berlin)

Mellowdeath is a post-jazz-doom duo featuring Sara Neidorf (Sarattma, Aptera) on drums and Isabel (No Chronicles) on bass.
The band was founded 2017 in Berlin.


Ultrabonus (Berlin)

Goat-fish visions, dystopian bliss, no wave roots and new age shots combine to shape the microuniverse of Ultrabonus, a band that stands out for their fast and short tunes in spanish. Based around argentinian Ignatz B’s quick-fire songwriting, the group is completed by Michael (guitar/bass), Leah (bass/synth) and Edu (drums), active members of Berlin’s forever-mutating indie scene. After five EPs and a row of high energy shows in the summer of 2022, Ultrabonus forge ahead, careful not to step on their own heels.


LuchX (Berlin)

Grunge – Post Punk –
The duo LuchX is experimenting with heavy sounds and soft melodies. Exploring different qualities of relationships contentwise as soundwise, but mainly having fun with high energy and a solid queer core.


Doors: 19:30 – Start 20:00 – Tickets at the door