Internet_Dollz bei Kino Kapriziös


::::::::::: Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, Art Lovers :::::::::: !!

We are delighted to present…

Freitag 27th Januar – 20.00 h.

:::::::::: ON SCREEN ::::::::::

Internet_dollz live with secrets. Raw attitudes, topnotch sensors and floating emotions. In their highest pumps, the notorious tunes are pumping, loud, badass. Screaming on phone, extravagant crowd and totally skimpy. Where nobody can control the temper, everything express sexiness. Millions of followers, role models up and running. Spilled drinks, stars in corners, babes on their headtops spinning like fortune wheels, nails popping, lashes flying, posing in flashlights, motorbikes burning.

A expensive lookbook, mad sucker in the goodbook, taste the sugar, inc and visual lies. Addicted to riddim, smokescreens, vanished in realness. Upload. As they celebrate weirdness in its ever changing form, speed and temperature. Volume max, always in the limbo.

Stuck in the heads of lovers of life changing experiences, explicit tunes, hard core dance moves and vivid mad space. Movement. On the wall. Shimmering CDs, doublet, colors, glitter and shine. Powers, surrounded.


:::::::::: Internet_Dollz ::::::::::

Inna di Video Light guides you through the noisy world of dancehall by the Internet_Dollz; two it girl cyborgs that broke out of Internet and decided to entered into the IRL vivid Jamaica. The dolls are copypasts of each other born on Internet and active in Kingston.


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KIN*K Kino Kapriziös is a project of Irina Novarese & Marco Pezzotta