Padraig Robinson bei Kino Kapriziös Padraig Robinson bei Kino Kapriziös Padraig Robinson bei Kino Kapriziös Padraig Robinson bei Kino Kapriziös

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We are delighted to present PADRAIG ROBINSON
Friday 25th November – 20.00 h.



Through published writings and films, Padraig Robinson investigates (pre-) queer histories as well as the economy and philosophy of the image: not as novelty subjects in themselves, but as knowledge forms integral to questioning histories of perceived liberation. Robinson’s practice foregrounds the dual ability of the image, to simultaneously resist and require historical interpretation, something interrogated in the films using the motif of researcher and subject. ‘Parallel to States of …’ is a film in the place of a text excavating the legacies of the unpublished, and is devised as a supplement to the recently published book 6 — 9: Notes from the archive of Dan Kane, Publication Studio, October 2016.

Forthcoming works include Gays Against Imperialism / Gaze Against Imperialism (with Cathal Kerrigan), published by Metaflux // Incandescent Bodies, part of which will be published in Cadernos Sesc_Videobrazil, March 2017, the annual magazine of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, São Paulo, curated by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and framed by the philosophy of Vilém Flusser. In 2016, Robinson was the recipient of a Visual arts bursary award, The Arts Council / An Comhairle Ealaíon.


Parallel to States of… 2016, English, 21 min
Jean Genet interrupts the frame of the interview, 1985, 5 min, BBC Archives
Masquerades of Research: Chapter 5, Risks of the Game, 2015, 5 min, Romanian and Italian w/ English subtitles, 16mm transferred to digital.

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