Stadtlichter. Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte Stadtlichter. Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte Stadtlichter. Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte Stadtlichter. Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte

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Freitag 15.07.2016, 20.30 Uhr



Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte



Kurzfilmen aus Lichtenberg und Kaliningrad


Blocks No. 1-3

Theresa Münnich, Lena Hecker, Mirjam Geißler, Ferdinand Hauser,
Lucie Telemann & Hanna Mathias, 28 min, 2015

Ein trinationales Kurzfilmprojekt unter Lichtenberger Beteiligung. Die
Filmemacher*innen hielten sich in verschiedenen Ländern auf: in
Deutschland, Tschechien und Georgien. Ihr Ziel war es, ein verbindendes Element – die Plattenbauten – genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. / Six young volunteers spend a year in four cities in three different countries – cities with one common element: the prefabricated blocks that characterise their skyline… What seems
similar in the beginning, becomes more distinct when you take a closer
look and ask questions like “Who lives behind these concrete expanses?
How do people live there? Do people like living there?” The movie allows
a private insight into the apartment blocks of three post-socialist
countries against the backdrop of each country’s historical, political
or cultural context.



Musikvideo by Temnoyamsk, 4 min, 2015


Woody before Allen

Masha Vasyukova, 13.30 min, 2011
It is an adventurous meditation on past and present, on two former
Konigsbergs – a man and a city that no longer use the name: one a
Russian city which was renamed Kaliningrad, another a renowned film
director who changed his name to Woody Allen. To commemorate the bizarre
connection between these two former Konigsbergs, Masha Vasyukova, a
native of the city makes it her mission to put up a statue in
Kaliningrad in honor of Woody Allen.



Nikita Tamarov, 15 min, 2015
Short comedy film. The relatives want to make changes after the body
had already been properly buried. And the contractors, not really
knowing how to make it happen, try to find a way out “within the budget”


After the screening will be a film talk with the director Masha Vasykova and the the film team of Blocks No. 1-3.

All films in OmU with English Subtitles.


& Konzert…


The band’s style in a word can not be determined. “Mudotronika” – own
term, that the musicians use to describe their style with a mix of dub,
kautrock, and surf.


Stadtlichter – City Lights is a new culture and film festival based in Berlin and dedicated to the tradition of its twin cities, which represent the growing together of the interconnected cities in a globalized community. Stadtlichter 2016 focuses on Lichtenberg, a Berlin district going through major changes.

The festival aims to promote intercultural exchange and fight cultural
prejudice. At present, Lichtenberg has seven twin cities.
Stadtlichter dedicates an event to each one of them
with emphasis on a particular region.
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Berit Petzsch & Juliane Springsguth // Stadtlichter. Internationale Lichtenberger Filmnächte 2016
Irina Novarese & Marco Pezzotta // KIN*K @ BLO-Ateliers


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