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Blues Bumps #7

Lockkunst e.V., East Side Delta, Unlimited Sonic Use & Exile On Mainstream present: BLUES BUMPS #7 aka Exile On Mainstream Roadshow 2022 With Confusion Master - HRO | Exile On Mainstream Records Electric Sabbath Action Doom | FFO: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Bongripper Dubbing themselves as “Electric Sabbath action Doom deep down soaked in a time spiral measuring equal parts 70ies Sabbath proto rock riffage in a loop scheme backbeat groove formula and tritonous stoner weed” Confusion Master have been brought to life in Autumn 2015 right at the northern misty shores of Rostock/ Germany by the Baltic Sea. With “Haunted”, recorded during the comprehensive winter desolation in 2020, incorporating various live set up sessions with acoustic light by Lutz Baumann and mastered by James Plotkin the baltic sea based quartet once again is bringing the salt. 41 minutes of raging insanity on your turntable for you to remember the dead cannot die while they are still hungry. Let “Haunted” happen to you. Beauty and Terror. No feeling is final. Gaffa Ghandi - DD/B | Exile on Mainstream Records Progged out Heavy Stoner Metal | FFO: Rotor, Elder, The Sword, Mastodon, Karma To Burn | Gaffa Ghandi sind ein Phänomen weil sie in kein gängiges Schema passen. Erst einmal bespielen sie das Stoner-Spielfeld und bedienen damit die erwartbaren Kanäle. Doch bald wird klar, dass ihnen das nicht genügt. Also reichern sie das „stonerische Grundkonzept“ mit ordnungsgemäßer Psychedelic an. Und weil sie frech, mutig und pfiffig sind, kommt eine saftige crimsoneske Pfeffermühle über das Ganze. Die Mischung und vor allem die Ambitioniertheit macht verdammt Laune. Might - H | Exile on Mainstream Records Sludgy Noise Rock Filth | FFO: Black Math Horseman, Chelsea Wolfe, Big Brave, Emma Ruth Rundle While the world discusses topics such as ‘Flatten The Curve’, MIGHT create their own sine wave built from emotional interferences and amplification between music and personal experience, resulting in an album full of ethereal intensity. The record comes across like a soundtrack for the emotional movie we all seem to be acting in: depression, way outs, light and darkness, instrumental furor and acoustic reflection create a debate taking in arguments from several musical genres such as Black Metal, Doom and Sludge, PostRock and Shoegaze. Sector 7g - B | Visual Light Performance Visual art team headquartered in Berlin. Inspired by the psychedelic art of the 1960s and 80s and 90s video art, which we re-interpret in relation to modern techniques and music. "It is the art of combining colors, shapes and movement. Space and time. We use all-analogue techniques, so our live performances are unique and unrepeatable. Our projections interact and are influenced by the environment." Doors 20:00 | Gigs from 21:00 | Ticketinfo soon

Point No Point Record Release Show

Point No Point "Bad Vibes In Mushroom Forest" Record Release Show + Robert Kretzschmar Point No Point Bad Vibes In Mushroom Forest - Record Releaseshow Album "Bad Vibes In Mushroom Forest" (Vö: 1.4.22 Späti Palace/ KATUKTU CO / Morr Music) Single "The Sky Was Orange" (Vö 11.2.22 ) Point No Point ist Jana Sotzko (Halfsilks, ex dropout patrol, ex Soft Grid) mit toller Band und großartiger zweiter Platte. Sophisticated Electronic Pop im weitesten Sinne. Die PNP Liveband: Jana Sotzko und Rachel Glassberg (Matching Outfits), Karen Thompson (Gym Tonic, Halfsilks), Mats Folkesson (Mary Ocher), Michael Buter (Ultrabonus, Dusty Houseplants) + Robert Kretzschmar Solo-Debut 40 Jahre nach Robert Wyatt’s „Nothing can stop us“ und schon längst überfällig, warten wir auf des Debüt eines anderen Schlagzeugers, Robert Kretzschmar. Der „Lou Reed aus Thüringen“ gibt uns bereits am 2. April eine Kostprobe mit Band. Mehr darf man zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht verraten. + DJ Mary Ocher Die Veranstaltung findet nach dem dann aktuell geltenden Hygienerahmenkonzept für Kultureinrichtungen statt. Wenn nicht anders angegeben, gilt die 2G+ - Regelung. Wir gehen davon aus, dass der Senat ab Freitag alle bisherig gültigen Coronaregeln aufhebt. Trotzdem appellieren wir dringend an euch, am Samstag getestet zu kommen. Also mit einem tagesaktuellen Schnelltest mit negativem Ergebnis. Wir kontrollieren das an der Tür. Die Berliner Teststationen bieten weiterhin kostenfreie Tests an (voraussichtlich bis 31.5.21). Auf der Veranstaltung haben Sexismus, Rassismus und Homophobie keine Chance. BERLINTOUCH I - gefördert durch die Musicboard Berlin GmbH

Blues Bumps Outdoor Sunset Jam July 30th

BLUES BUMPS OUTDOOR SUNSET JAM. On July 30th the garden of BLO-Ateliers will blossom with the sound of 12Volt [Cargo-Bike-Rock-Band] and Johnny Zabala [Bluesscapes]

Blues Bumps Outdoor Sunset Jam

BLUES BUMPS is back with another Outdoor Sunset Jam. A poisoning overdose of Doom will blast in the garden of BLO-Ateliers

Blues Bumps Outdoor Sunset Jam

We loved it so much that we have to do it again, and this time we get progged. The (reloaded) BLUES BUMPS OUTDOOR SUNSET JAM will blast in the garden of BLO-Ateliers and on a streaming too, it will feature:

Doors 18:00 ⋮⋮ Gigs from 19:00
Let’s greet the sun together and get again BLUES BUMPS!

BLUES BUMPS #7 – Outdoor Sunset Jam

The wait is over and we’re bloody glad to present you the BLUES BUMPS Outdoor Sunset Jam, blasting in the garden of BLO-Ateliers and featuring:
Have Blue & Happy Dog Brown

Doors 18:00 ⋮⋮ Gigs from 19:00
Let’s greet the sun together and get again BLUES BUMPS!

BLUES BUMPS #6 – Devil Night

BLUES BUMPS is a sweaty voyage to the roots of our music, through Blues contaminated artists you’ll experience heavy, raw, mystical and psychedelic sounds & visuals. On January 17th 2020 we present you a special evil night in which we’ll explore the raw Mississippi sounds transported in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


DUSTOWN & East Side Delta join forces for a crazy final bash to salute 2019 on Dec 20th 2019 from 9.00 pm
SPLIFF ‚N‘ RIFF #3 and BLUES BUMPS #5 will twist, shake and melt together with a mouth-watering lineup!

Anna Morley – “Visceral” release

Friday 29th November 2019, 9pm

Anna Morley will release her fifth album entitled “Visceral” in cooperation with BLO-Ateliers Lockkunst e.V.

The music of “Visceral” will be presented live by a five-piece ensemble, accompanied by visuals and a dance performance. CD’s will be available, produced with plastic-free, recycled material and showcasing artwork by Irish fine artist, Marty Kelly.


Friday 15th November 2019, 9pm

East Side Delta and BLO Ateliers are proud to present the 4th chapter of the concert series BLUES BUMPS. On the stage:





Fête de la Musique 2019

Freitag 21. Juni 2019, ab 16 Uhr

* “Herr und Frau S.”, Frocotronischen Jazz
* “The Gonzo Foundation”, Garage Grunge Punk
* “Who Dares To Speak For The Wolf”, Grunge Punk Krach
* “Spikey”, LiebesChanson Punk
* “Old Dust Of Hollow”, Blues Rock
* “BLOW!”, Rock


Friday 26th July 2019, 9pm

East Side Delta and BLO Ateliers are proud to present the 3rd chapter of the concert series BLUES BUMPS. On the stage:

* SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY – „IGNITION“ sequence can bloody start. The groove of the 70s and the character of the 90s. The huge and melodic riffs are shaken with wide organ screams and powerful scratchy vocals. Bang and shake!!

* SHAUN – A damned mix of Stoner, Hard Rock & Grunge. From bitter riffs born in the abysses of the Berliner basements and up to the 13th floor with wild psych-effects.


Friday 28th June 2019, 9pm

East Side Delta, StoneFree Records and BLO Ateliers are proud to present the 2nd chapter of the concert series BLUES BUMPS.

Blues Bumps is a sweaty voyage towards the roots of our music through Blues contaminated artists, but it is not only Blues. You’ll experience heavy, raw, mystical and psychedelic sounds.

On the stage:


East Side Delta radio-show: BLUES BUMPS #1

Thursday 11th April 2019, 9pm

East Side Delta radio-show is extremely proud to present:

BLUES BUMPS, a goddamn Blues experience!!
The first „volume“ of a series of gigs featuring Blues-contaminated artists.

On the stage:


Fee Reega Solo Show

Samstag 9. Februar, 21 Uhr
Fee Reega wurde in Balingen, in Süddeutschland, geboren, und war Teil der Musikszene in Berlin und Madrid, bevor sie nach Asturien zog, wo sie jetzt in Gijón lebt. Sie hat Alben auf Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch veröffentlicht und 2014 ihr erstes Studioalbum ”La Raptora”…

Saturday 9th February, 9pm
Fee Reega was born in Balingen in the South of Germany and was part of the music scenes of Berlin and Madrid before moving to Asturias, where she´s based now in the city of Gijón. She released records in German, English and Spanish and in 2014 she released her first studio album, “La Raptora”…

Konzert mit STOCK und Olive Yahh in der Klavierwerkstatt Rummelsburg

Genießt den Ausklang des Wochenendes mit einem Glas Wein und insprierender Klaviermusik der beiden großartigen Musiker STOCK und Olive Yahh. Das Programm reicht von minimalistischer Klavierimprovisation über Jazz-Standards bis hin zu emotionalem Soul / Hip Hop / Vaporwave. Lasst euch überraschen.

Sonntag 07.10.2018
Einlass 18:30 Uhr | Beginn 19 Uhr
Eintritt: Spende

Fête de la Musique 2018

// El gran Flinn Sorrow y su inigualable Orquesta Randalera
// The Hans
// Dalling
// Sogenannte – Anarchistische Musikwirkschaft
// The Allers

Live: Black Heino – The Hans – Blackbird Mantra

Blanke Angst verhilft dem Tiger zum waghalsigen Sprung durch den Feuerreif oder zum beherzten Griff zur Elektro-Gitarre. Es gibt wohl keinen besseren Ort für so einen Zirkus als die Kantine der B.L.O. Ateliers. Ihr hört und seht von dressierten Tieren handgespielten Garagen-Rock und Roll, von atmosphärisch bis wild, von stumpf bis zackig, garantiert frei von Subkultur und textlich immer einen Sprung voraus. BLACKBIRD MANTRA kommen extra aus Hamburg und BLACK HEINO veröffentlichen ihre neue Scheibe Fear of a Black Heino auf Tapete Records! BLACK HEINO THE HANS BLACKBIRD MANTRA

Riviera Club – Soul-Psychedelic Latin-Black-Italo



Konzert Camille Phelep + Villa & Co

Am Sonntag, den 10.12.2017 laden wir euch wieder herzlich in unsere Klavierwerkstatt ein: Villa & Co nimmt uns mit auf eine transatlantische musikalische Reise von Europa (Barock und Impressionismus) bis ins klassische und populäre Brasilien.

Osta Love / The Silverfoxes / Fizzis

Osta Love
Unite Rock with Jazz, Pop with Baroque and add a dose of melancholic dreamscape to form a unique sound that touches hearts and heads.

Angelica & the Silverfoxes
Take you on a journey with melancholy ballads and cinematic soundscapes that could end a Sergio Leone western, just to surprise you with uptempo soulrockers you can surely dance to!

Klingen so, als hätten die Feelies, Bob Dylan, Gene Clark, die Nightcrawlers und die Gories auch soviel gelabert, geraucht und Bier geschluckt, wie die FIZZIS, anstatt sich auf die Musik zu konzentrieren. Trotzdem Topband!

The Somnambulist “Quantum Porn” Berliner Release Party

THE SOMNAMBULIST’s new album “Quantum Porn” mirrors the band’s interest in questions of fundamental physics, the ultimate nature of reality and the limits of human understanding – up to the point when contemplation of existence makes your body tremble, leaves you in an even physically experienced awe. 

It is this awe that is acted out in the 16 new tracks, which open up to a wide landscape of sound where past, present and future of rock and pop seem to coexist: the visceral blues of Tom Waits and Nick Cave is paired with the elegance and profundity of Radiohead and Tool, while being nourished with the weird and ambiguous moods of David Bowie and Talking Heads. 

The Casanovas & Bella Wreck in Konzert

The Casanovas
Retaining the core of their visceral, riff driven sound, Terra Casanova’s exploration of rock fused with pop elements, elevated by their maturity as a band, marks it their most varied release yet.

Bella Wreck
Bella Wreck came to be when two like-minded guitarists convened at the bar of a dimly-lit Kreuzberg watering hole to lament the state of rock’n’roll in this great capital of ours. Their idea was to combine the energy of late-seventies punk-rock, the intensity of Detroit’s finest and the guts of classic Australian rock.


ORION CONGREGATION is a meeting of musicians, with the only shared language of music. Fluent in many dialects, from european classical music to jazz to the music of the deserts of Mali and Niger and the many flavours of sound, song and rhythm that were being called “contemporary” at one time or another in different parts of the world.

Every Wednesday in June at Blo-Ateliers